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Individual Consultation Rules

•   Arranging consultations

The best way to make an appointment with Robert is via email – then you will receive 2 proposed dates. In urgent cases, it is possible to arrange a phone conversation – but not via text messages. Robert has reserved this form of communication and he does not respond to text messages. 

Most often, a conversation takes place on the same day or on the following day, but sometimes these periods may be extended. In any case, a conversation will take place no later than 72 hours after the purchase of consultations. 
Robert Marchel does not work during weekends and holidays.

•   Which consultation to choose?

Choose a 20-minute consultation, if a problem that you want to touch upon is relatively short and can be described in maximally 10 minutes. If a situation which you want to present to Robert concerns coming back to your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend, it’s definitely better to choose a 60-minute consultation.

•   Advantages of 60-minute consultations

After each consultation, Robert takes notes – thanks to which, if required, there is no need to tell the whole story one more time.  
If the consultation finishes before time, the minutes which are left may be used on a different date – maximally within 2 months. The next purchased subscription can be divided into smaller ones, with minute calculation. The duration of each conversation will be deducted from the number of minutes which you have purchased until the limit is used up. 

•   Advantages of the VIP 200 minutes package

The most economical form with regard to the price/number of minutes ratio.
Robert takes notes after each conversation and is always up-to-date when it comes to your issue. 
You can divide consultations into any number of minutes.
You take precedence over other clients when it comes to arranging consultations.
You always have the pieces of advice of one of the most experienced specialists in Poland at hand.
You have one year for using all the minutes. 

•   Is it worth describing your situation beforehand?

It is preferable to describe the whole situation directly during a consultation with Robert when he directs a conversation and asks proper questions to get to know the most important things, not discussing these which do not have much significance.
However, if it’s more convenient for you to describe your situation via email, you can do it, but the time of your consultation will be shorter because Robert will have to devote some time to read and analyze your description.

•   Is advice via email possible?

Yes, but we do not recommend this form of cooperation. Writing takes up more time than talking so the effective amount of information which Robert may give you will be lower in a written form. Apart from that, during a conversation, Robert can better study the problem by asking proper questions. If you want to have a possibility of coming back to a certain conversation, we encourage you to record your consultations.

If you still want to use email advising, after purchasing your subscription send the description of your situation to Robert and you’ll receive the analysis of your problem and a detailed action plan.

Email is much more convenient in the case of the next consultations – when Robert already knows your situation and you have additional questions which have appeared during the implementation of a prepared plan. Then you can write an email and Robert will deduct the time which he has to devote to reading and responding to your email from the number of minutes which you have purchased. 

•   Additional questions after consultations

If you have already used up your limit of minutes and after a consultation some question arises, you can write to Robert and ask it via email – under the condition that you do it on the same day. In the case of further questions which may appear during the implementation of the plan, we ask you to purchase next consultations before asking them.

•   Rules of satisfaction guarantee

The unconditional satisfaction guarantee is provided with regard to the consultations. If you decide that Robert’s pieces of advice do not make sense or you do not like them, your money will be refunded. But remember that consultations do not mean a guarantee of success – in this case, many things do not depend on Robert or even you, and sometimes even the best plan may not work due to external factors or poor implementation of such a plan. That’s why dissatisfaction from consultations and your want of refund should be reported during consultations or immediately after them.