Online dating pick up course - Robert Marchel

Online dating
pick up course

Issues discussed during the Course

  • How to select a dating portal
  • Photos that make you stand out
  • Showing interesting lifestyle
  • Most common mistakes when selecting photos
  • Most common mistakes in chatting – 22 examples
  • How to keep an exciting dialog
  • What to do when you don't receive an answer – 2 solutions
  • When and how to propose meetings
  • How to maximize the effectiveness of your dating efforts
  • 30 examples of independent talk

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Internet is one of the best places for getting to know new people.
See what to do to regularly date people.

Original photos that will
put you ahead of the competition
An interesting description of yourself
which will draw attention
Method for holding indecently interesting conversations
Online dating which would have maximum effectiveness

Read 30 of my authentic conversations at dating websites to see how to overcome critical moments and set up a date (altogether 154 pages).

See 4 video modules telling about the secrets of the most attractive people on the Internet.

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