How to build and repair
a relationship 2.0

Issues discussed in the Video Lecture

  • How to advance from a meeting to relationship
  • The most important relationship stability factor –
    emotional balance – what it is and how it differs
    from being a challenge
  • What's the true purpose of arguments
  • The disruptive factors to emotional balance
  • How to give freedom and create an appropriate space
  • How to free your happiness from being dependent on
    your partner
  • How to deal with the need to show jealousy
  • The symptoms which indicate that your partner is emotionally distanced from you
  • How to fight monotony and the flow of time

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Nowadays 50% of marriages end with divorce.
82% of relationships fall apart even before marriage.

Create a relationship
which would be stable
till the end of your lives
Get along
with your partner
Prevent infidelity

Are you in such relationship?

Imagine that you can create a happy relationship with great understanding between you and your partner. Both of you love and support each other very much. There are no arguments between you, envies or griefs. Your feelings are constantly live and won't give in to the flow of time.

Currently such description concerns a very small group of people. But that's in fact the future which awaits you, if you acquire the knowledge on how to effectively work on your relationship and start bringing it to life.

How to save relationship?

If you see any problems starting to appear in your relationship, then wait no more! It's the ignorance of troubles and the pretense that everything's fine, through sweeping objects of your arguments under the carpet that are making your problems accumulate; antipathy between you grows and the feelings fade more and more – even if those arguments initially seem very trivial.

Learn what to do in order to solve all the issues which set you apart – even when the feelings in your relationship have nearly faded away – that's the situation which calls for urgent changes and fresh relationship ideas. Ignoring such state of affairs is like ignoring a serious illness instead of visiting a doctor. Often even the most ruined relations can be rebuilt. Stop wasting time!

Only 149 USD

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