4 biggest mistakes that ruin relationships
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4 biggest mistakes that ruin relationships

#1 Betrayal
People who cheat on their other half don't only risk their relationship after their partner finds out. Cheating also unfavorably affects their own personal feelings towards their partner.
This is why it is important to avoid engaging in any connections with other people. Even subtle flirtation with a co-worker can over time strengthen and transform into a more intimate relation. And the more you engage in your relationship with that person, the more you move away from your partner. Avoid such situations! In moments when you notice you are beginning to develop feelings for someone else, simply distance yourself from them for your own good.

#2 Jealousy
They say, there is no love without jealousy, however that is not true. When you become jealous and show that jealousy to your partner, you also show a lack of self-confidence. You are only jealous when you're scared that the other person will not want to be with you voluntarily. Showing jealousy is a very negative way of showing interest, which affects the balance of feelings between two people. The more you do it, the less attractive you are.
Whereas if your partner gives you reasons to be jealous, then that balance has probably already been disrupted for your disadvantage: the relationship means more to you than it does to your partner and although they might still love you, they are already looking for someone else on the side. In this case, if you constantly show more and more jealousy by controlling them and always showing your resentment, then you will further destroy your relations and the healthy balance of feelings.
Therefore, if this person means a lot to you and you still want to be with them, then you have to do something completely different:
- First of all, do not show any more jealousy,
- Second, distance yourself a little. Show less interest.
Only then will the balance return. Remember, showing jealousy is one thing and calm conversation about what bothers you is completely different.
#3 Monotony
Monotony is one of the main factors that can ruin a relationship. It is the monotony of your everyday routine that weakens the feelings on both sides, and eventually leads to the collapse of the relationship. A solution to monotony consists of: spending more time with friends, expanding or joining your varying interests and going outside instead of spending all your free time at home. A good strategy to eliminate monotony from your relationship is to do something new together once every week. This could be an evening out at a new restaurant, it could be a trip to a small town nearby which you haven’t been to before, it could and should also be participating in physical activities such as going to the pool, playing squash, tennis, rock climbing, etc.

#4 Not giving your partner enough space
If you are always the one that puts in all the effort, shows how much you love your partner and wants to spend time together more than your partner does, then they can begin to feel overwhelmed. In this situation you break the balance of feelings between you and your partner and this makes them distance themselves.
This is why whenever you feel that your partner may not want to meet regularly or spend time together, do not force them. Only when you distance yourself, your partner will want to be close more often. The more space you give them, the more attractive you will be in their eyes. This is one of the most important rules.

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