Are you still single? The most important reason
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Are you still single? The most important reason

How is it that some people never complain about the success with the opposite sex and never have a problem finding a suitable partner, and others on the contrary - are single for years or they fall in love with someone and have to go after them for months on end. The biggest determining factor in this case is one intuitive measure, and changing it around can mean a complete reversal of your fate with the opposite sex.

The first answer that comes to mind is the question of physical attractiveness. And of course how you look has a big impact on how successful you are among the opposite sex - especially if you are a woman. But how then to explain the fact that some people eg. Less physically attractive men do not have a problem with women?

For starters, notice that the appeal does not end solely on how you look. It's also your character, communication skills and lifestyle. The more attractive you are, the more attractive the partner that you might find.

But even if you are very attractive to the opposite sex in many respects, it will not mean anything if you do not have that one factor which creates a lot of opportunities to meet new people. This is the factor in question.

If you were able to regularly get to know new people, by way of statistics you have a lot better chance to get to know someone, who would fit you very well in terms of character, beliefs and life values. Creating chances to meet new people also gets the pressure of making it work with someone attractive that you’ve just met off your back. If you are aware that you have a choice. You meet new people all the time and sooner or later the right person will come around, so the desperation goes away. You're not so needy. You don’t feel the need to succeed straight away. And because you do not break the balance of feelings it’s a lot easier for you to create lasting relationships.

On the other hand, people who don’t meet too many potential partners become single for longer periods of time and are often so very anxious to enter into a relationship that they grab the first chance they get and will go for anyone who accepts them. When there is a chance for this, they will very quickly show their desperation and scare off potential partners. And even if something comes of that type of relation, it is a lot less likely that match each other in the right ways.

Therefore, if you want to increase the likelihood of finding a partner, you need to get out more. Talk to people more often. It does not matter what your excuses are. If you feel that there isn’t much going on in your life and you won’t defeat all the obstacles that block you from meeting new people, then no one else will do it for you. You will receive the results of your actions, regardless of whether you do something about it or not.

Both scientists and almost all of us believe that loving your partner gives life a lot more meaning than money. Only in that case, why do you spend so much time earning the money and so little time finding the right partner?

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