Best flirting methods
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Best flirting methods

Do you want to meet someone you could start a relationship with?
Remember, everyone has their other half. Wait until destiny brings you together and one day he or she will come into your room or 
ride up to your door on a white horse.
Here are a few tips that you need to put into practice, in order not to waste your valuable time.
Don’t ever try to chat someone up in a public place. Even if they really caught your eye. Only desperate people do this! The brave ones return home and post on Facebook. If you tried to talk, you wouldn’t have succeeded anyway, because he or she is in a rush to go meet their other half.
Furthermore, someone could see and think about you in a negative way and that would only make things worse.

If someone is about to chat you up, you must immediately shut them down! It’s best if you carry pepper spray to punish that creep right away. Maybe you can even carry a gun. Anyway, treat them in a way that will leave them trembling to chat anyone up ever again.

Even if you think the person is cute, remember, you cannot give them your phone number. You can’t be easy! Say that in 10 years you can meet in the same spot. If it’s meant to be, it’ll happen.

Don’t ever try to meet anyone at parties! First of all, it’s very loud in there, so you can’t do anything anyway. Secondly, everyone goes there ONLY to dance. Other than that, you can’t ever meet anyone smart at parties. Obviously other than yourself.
Important note! If security makes you leave your pepper spray and gun outside and someone tries to chat you up inside, save yourself with a punch in the larynx.

The worst possible mistake is setting up an account on a dating website. First of all, you expose yourself to ridicule. One of your friends might recognize you from your pictures and quickly tell everyone to make you lose your friends. Secondly, you can’t meet anyone valuable there anyways. Other than you of course. Even if someone catches your eye, you must chat with them for at least a year to make sure that they’re not an old creepy rapist guy. Or a girl.

Whereas if someone rejects you, remember that they weren’t even worth it. It’s probably not because you’re chubby. Your character, lifestyle and communication skills don’t have any importance, so don’t even try to improve yourself.
Generally, it’s best if you don’t change anything, don’t do anything new or exciting and don’t leave your house too often. In 10-20 years you will definitely find your other half. And if you don’t, then it will definitely not be your fault.
I hope you realized that this film was pure irony and the complete opposite of what you should do.
I hope it gave you something to think about.

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