Can TV series kill your relationship?
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Can TV series kill your relationship?

Perhaps you already know from my other videos and courses that love in relationships evolves over time. As the years go by and the initial strongest emotions subside, the relationship becomes mature and begins to be based primarily on a friendly relationship.

The relationships of those who are not best friends, or at least friends, after some time go through the phase of an empty relationship - i.e. one that is based primarily being accustomed to each other and mutual obligations - and this phase can occur very easily - and most often it later turns into a break-up of the relationship.

That is why the key to a happy relationship is a real friendship with your partner. Talking about everything, giving support to each other and becoming fully trustworthy.

However, these factors cannot be met if you do not regularly create opportunities to talk to each other. A friendly relationship gradually fades away when you don't have too much time for each other. And when you spend this time, you do not spend it on conversations, but, for example, you watch something on your TV or computer.

The worst thing is when, after returning home, everyone takes care of their own affairs and you do not spend time with each other at all. But watching a film or series together, even if you are cuddling, does not solve the problem.

Thanks to that, you don't become better friends. Just as you wouldn't be able to establish any bond with a stranger who sits next to you in the cinema, even if you grabbed him or her by the hand, and once in a while exchanged some comments.

This, of course, does not mean that you have to give up such entertainment immediately. But don't let it be the ONE form of spending time together. Because if this is the case, you are really in bigger danger than you might think. Of course, this doesn't happen suddenly, in the span of few days, but gradually and imperceptibly, you can start living side by side rather than with each other.

If you don't regularly create opportunities to talk about what's happening in your life - just like you do with friends, your ties with your partner will weaken. Unfortunately, talking about children, about home or other everyday matters and duties that have to be done will not deepen your bond.

Such a scenario may seem pessimistic - but it is not, not even a little. This is a commonly observed phenomenon. Worst of all, we usually cannot accept that this can also apply to us. It can be difficult to believe it, especially when now everything is going well between the two of you. It's a little bit like with health. It's hard to believe that we'll be affected by a serious illness in the future, because we feel great now.

But if you lead an unhealthy lifestyle, it will be inevitable. What is worse, you can wait a few or dozens of years for the consequences of neglecting your health to occur. Noticing the consequences of not taking care of a relationship is a matter of even a few months.

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