Does true love exist?
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Does true love exist?

In many cultures it is still popular to believe that somewhere in the world there is a woman or a man waiting for us who are our perfect match.

The disney edition of this myth takes a form of a beautiful princess and an ideal prince on a white horse. In another version we hear that we are two halves of an apple and we have to find our second half.

Then let's focus on answering the question from the title of this video: “Does one true love exist?”. No. There is no such thing as true love, there is no false love, neither there is any apple of which you are just a half. It is amazing that these myths still play such a big role in the lives of many people and are still dangerous, because many relationships end up on the basis of these myths.

Why is this happening? Because after a few years of relationship you can no longer feel the butterflies in your stomach, which were at the beginning. There is no longer so much excitement before the meeting, because you know each other inside out  and it is difficult for you to be surprised by something new.

And such a state may, to put it mildly, not fit into the idea of a princess or a prince on a white horse. It is easy to start wondering if this is true love? Or was I just thinking so? Maybe somewhere there is my real prince who is waiting for me and can't wait, because I'm stuck in false love?


The problem is that even if you find another prince, this state of intense love will not last forever and after a few years the relationship will become more mature again. More based on friendship than on excitement, and again it will be easy to come to similar conclusions as before.

Another danger of believing that you are two halves of an apple and that you are destined for each other, in general,  is that it is easy to lose your alertness to problems in the relationship and to solve them in time.

It is easy to start behaving as if this relationship was to last forever and simply stop taking care of it. Unfortunately, statistics show that the vast majority of relationships end over some time.

Especially that this myth brings even greater danger when, for example, you partner leaves you because of belief in this myth. Most often in such a situation the feeling of loss which is connected with this, only strengthens your feelings to the partner who left you and it is very easy to come to the conclusion  that this person was your only true love in life and only with him/her you can be happy.

By cultivating such beliefs, and believing that you can no longer be happy with anyone else, you can do yourself serious harm and condemn yourself to years of suffering and longing.

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