Does your relationship have prospects for the future?
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Does your relationship have prospects for the future?

This is Margaret. She’s been in a relationship with Daniel for 3 years. Daniel proposed to her and she agreed to marry him, but now she’s wondering whether she’s made a good decision.

Her friends and family are trying to help her:
- It’s great that you’re getting married – says Margaret’s mother – you’re not too young… It’s not worth looking for love forever. Daniel is a good boy.
- You’re stupid… – says Margaret’s friend – You’ve been together for so long and you’re having doubts?– You should marry him without thinking – she says.

Only Margaret’s grandfather who has by chance heard Margaret’s talk with her mother, said to his granddaughter:
- You’d better think carefully about this wedding, dear. Especially since you already have some doubts. The fact that you’ve been together for some time and you’re not having too many arguments doesn’t mean that you have to be together until the end of your lives. Listen to your intuition, because if you don’t, you will end up just like me… and your grandmother.

Recently, I’ve recorded a video about a trap of constant pursuit of passion and looking for new partners, but it’s worth looking at your relationship from a different perspective…
And really think about what your intuition tells you.
Is it worth investing in your relationship? Maybe you’ve fallen into a trap of habit and you’re with your partner only because you got used to him/her and you don’t really have a reason for breaking up?

Ask yourself these 3 questions:  
- Would you like your son or daughter to be like your partner?
- Would you like your son’s or your daughter’s wife or husband to be like your partner?  
- Imagine that you’ve broken up and after a year you’re in new relationships. What do you feel when you imagine it? Relief? Or maybe it’s hard for you to even think about it?
These questions should help you find the answer to the question: “Does my relationship have prospects for the future?” but often the answer is not clear. In such a situation, think about what you can do in order for your relationship to be better? Maybe the problem is that you’re not working on your relationship and you’ve left it on its own?

Maybe, indirectly because of you, your partner is too jealous because you’re not showing him enough affection or he/she is not sure whether you want to be with him/her?
Maybe your relationship is not in the best condition because you have too many claims? Maybe you’re telling your partner what he/she should be like or what he/she should do? Maybe you’re using prohibitions and orders?
Maybe you’ve unknowingly disrupted the emotional balance… and overwhelmed your partner with too much interest and too many expectations?
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