Don’t worry! 7 questions, to make all your problems go away.
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Don’t worry! 7 questions, to make all your problems go away.

1. What do you most need to be happy and feel better?
This is an important question, because you have to realize what problem you have at the moment. Some people may not even realize that they’re nervous and jumpy. Other people may be aware of that, but they still might not know what’s the reason for their bad mood. If you are not aware of something, then that something has the power over you. Only when you’re conscious of what’s happening, can you fully take control. There might be a few answers to this question. If that’s the case, write them all down and consider the next questions separately for every problem. So, once again, the first question: what do you most need to be happy and feel better?

2. If it turned out that you’d never be able to obtain that, would you be miserable till the end of your life?
Now you need to put yourself in this situation. Imagine yourself in a few years, assuming that you did not get what you want. Does this mean that you’ll be miserable till the end of your days?

3. Are you sure that by getting that you’ll really be happy?
Ask yourself if the thing you want will really make you happy. Think about this for a moment.

4. How long will you be happy when you get it? How long will your excitement last?
The truth is brutal. According to research, people who win large sums on the lottery feel happier on average for only 3 months. After this time their sense of happiness falls to the level before winning. Consider if what you want isn’t only an illusion projected by your mind.

5. Are there people who, if they were in your shoes, would be able to stay calm and not worry about the problem?
The fact that 99% of the population would be devastated if someone stole their new car, does not mean that such a reaction is normal or healthy. Society has programmed you to make you feel bad when someone criticizes you, but that does not mean that you have to feel this way. There are people out there that don’t associate their luck with being accepted or whether someone loves them, or how much money they have and so on. Understanding that you can react differently is an important step to worry less.

6. Imagine how you would feel if you accepted the state in which you are right now, freeing yourself from your pursuit of things and never worried about them anymore.
Give yourself a moment to imagine yourself without worries, when you live day to day, but you don’t even think about your needs. How would you feel then? To really feel this you need to pause the video and take a moment to imagine this.
7. Is Your happiness dependent on your needs or the acceptance of reality as it is?
Is the worrying itself not worse that not having what you want?
By changing the way you think, you can cope not only with trivial things, but also with the serious ones like illnesses, death of a loved one or a divorce. You should also remember that not worrying about a problem doesn’t mean that you should also stop trying to solve it. The fact that you accepted your illness doesn’t mean that you should stop doing your best to recover. Just the opposite! When you approach your problems calmly, you will be much more effective.

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