How and when to kiss a girl - the first kiss
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How and when to kiss a girl - the first kiss

The best moment for a kiss really depends on how much interest you are receiving from the girl. Is she undressing you with her eyes, or is she rather distanced and frigid. If you plan on getting into a relationship with her, it would be safer not to try to kiss her on the first date - preferably on the second or third. Although this is not always the rule, because if you see a lot of interest on a first date, going in for the kiss is not a mistake.

The ideal conditions for a first kiss are somewhere where you can’t be seen. So for example in the park, where there are not too many people or in some secluded place in a bar or even in your or her apartment. The more people in the vicinity, the greater the likelihood of her not allowing to be kissed – not because she does not want to, just because it’s embarrassing – but there are also exceptions to this.

You should go for the kiss when you see that the girl is interested. For example, when she establishes extended eye contact with you, when she plays with her hair, her ring or the stem of her glass. When she’s sitting close to you and not avoiding our touch.

If you are not sure if she will allow you to kiss her, hold her hand and see how she’ll react. You do not have to do it under any pretext – just grab her hand during the conversation. If she reciprocates the embrace – it’s a reliable sign that she’s interested. Then after a while you can literally go for the kiss. If she rejects your hand, she’s probably nor ready for the kiss. But sometimes this might be the case because she’s surprised. Therefore, after a few minutes, you can try again.

What is important - I do not recommend waiting longer than till the 3 date with the kiss. Each subsequent meeting without the kiss, will make your meetings resemble a friendship more than a relationship. Therefore, even if you don’t see too much interest on the third date, it is still important to try to kiss this girl, even if she were to refuse. This way you show your boldness and completely destroy the friendship frame that might have been building up.

And what to do if you try to go for a kiss and you get stopped? If you see hesitation, then immediately try again. If the resistance is determined, that under no circumstances lose confidence and do not show that you care. Smile and say: “Don’t pretend that you do not want to.”. If the first attempt did not succeed, but you still see signs of interest, it’s worth trying a second time on the same date.

As for the best way to kiss her, it’s not really complicated. You can just be silent and approach her. If you are shy and need some routine then I have two suggestions.

First: Say: “I want to tell you something in your ear.”. Then get very close to her ear and ask: “How well do you kiss?”. No matter what the answer, after this just go for the kiss.

Second: Say: “Close your eyes.”. If she listens – move closer and kiss her gently. If she doesn’t agree – “then it won’t be a surprise” – and also get close to her.

Remember that whether the girl lets you kiss her depends primarily on how much she’s interested in you and not on how exactly you go for the kiss. Therefore enjoy it and always stay relaxed.

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