How and when to kiss a guy - the first kiss
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How and when to kiss a guy - the first kiss

We live in a society in which it is common that men should take the initiative - both in terms of arranging the date and the first kiss. Therefore, actually, it's better to wait a bit and give the man the time he needs to kiss you first - but you do not have to and should not wait indefinitely.

Sometimes it happens that a man, even though he is interested in you, is simply shy and afraid that he’ll get rejected. A common reason for delaying with a kiss is also a woman's frigidity. So, if he shows you a lot of interest and you do not really reciprocate it, it will ultimately drive him away from you.

Therefore, if you see that a man is interested in you, the first step is to show him some interest in return. Sit closer to him. Touch him casually, putting your arm on his shoulder, back or knee from time to time The very fact that you show him that you’re clearly interested can make him become a bit more daring and he might kiss you first.

If this does not help and you’re already at the third or fourth meeting, still without a kiss, there’s a chance that this is heading towards a friendship, not a relationship, so then you should take the initiative.

Of course, the easiest way, which I definitely recommend is to simply kiss him whenever you are close to each other and there’s a moment of silence between you. But if you also do not belong to the most daring people and you cannot get to it, you can use two clever solutions.

1. Make it a reward for him. Either during the meeting or before it, you can ask him for a small favor, for which the prize will be a kiss from you. For example, "Could you bring this book to the meeting, please? I will be very grateful. As a reward you will get a kiss from me.”. Then, during the meeting remind him that the reward is yet to be claimed and then slowly move closer to him and gently kiss him.

2. Say: “Close your eyes.”. If he listens to you - move closer and kiss him lightly on the lips. If he doesn’t agree to close his eyes - say “Fine, then it’s not going to be a surprise.” and also get closer to kiss him. Even if the boy rejects your kiss, the most import ant is to keep cool and that you don’t really care.

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