How do you know that the guy wants just sex? 5 signs
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How do you know that the guy wants just sex? 5 signs

A guy simply says that he isn’t looking for a relationship and he sometimes even gives a good reason for this. For example: he recently ended a long relationship and now he doesn’t want to get involved or he’s moving to another city soon. However, even if after listing these reasons, this guy is still interested in you, he wants to meet you again and develop the relation, he’s probably after something. Guess what it is...

Even if such direct statements do not arise, one of the symptoms that a man may only want sex is the fact that he starts dropping a lot of sexual innuendos while talking to you. Certainly a lot more than usually crop up at first meetings. He starts inserting sexual undertones into the messages that he sends you or simply comes right out with proposing sex. That’s probably not the attitude that someone who wants to have a relationship with you would have. This of course is not a reliable sign that the only thing he wants is sex, but it’s worth paying attention to it.

Another symptom is the desire for meeting you in places where you can have sex. You should begin to suspect that something's up if during the first meeting, or just after, you get invited back to his apartment. Or he tries to initiate sex in different ways, trying to kiss you pretty quickly, trying to touch you and saying what he’d like to do with you. If someone really treated your potential relationship seriously, he wouldn’t try to rush things like this.

The least intuitive sign that a guy may want only sex is sending by him mixed signs of interest. Sometimes he is really involved, contacts you frequently and shows you a lot of interest, but other times he forgets about you or cancels meeting for weird reasons. On the one hand, he talks about his feelings for you, but on the other hand, his behavior doesn’t really confirm what he says or even openly contradicts it. Such signals can prove the fact that this guy is just faking sincere interest by telling you pretty things - precisely in order to persuade you to have sex, but he can’t control this entirely and sometimes you can see his true intentions through the cracks.

Another sign that he’s only interested in sex can be the fact that he’s also seeing other women. He flirts with them in your presence, tells you straight that he’s seeing other girls or writes a lot of messages. This can also mean that he does not consider you to be a great fit for a girlfriend and certainly isn’t interested in something more serious, because he’s exploring other options all the time.

None of these tips individually have to mean that the man is only interested in sex, but the more of them you can identify, the more you should watch out not to get too involved.

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