How to deal with arguments in a relationship? 5 rules
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How to deal with arguments in a relationship? 5 rules

Does a long-distance relationship have chances of survival? What to do in order for a relationship to be long-lasting? After reading this entry, you will get to know what forms the biggest dangers to a long-distance relationships and what you should do to limit them.

1. The longer you are apart, the worse for your relationship. Of course, a long-distance relationship can last even up to 5 years, but with each year of your separation, the likelihood that the relationship will last gets smaller. For instance, distance will not destroy 50% of relationships if the separation lasts a year, but up to 95% of relationships will end after 5 years of a long-distance relationship. That’s why the most important thing should be striving for eliminating distance as soon as possible. If there are no prospects of living closer to one another, it is likely that your relationship will end.

2. Strive for meeting your partner as often as possible, but not at the expense of the emotional balance. It is perfect if you can visit yourselves interchangeably (if there are no external limitations). But if you give more of yourself than your partner, it would be better to distance yourself and show less interest – even if it had to involve meeting rarely. If you were supposed to travel all the time just because your partner does not want to, the emotional balance could be easily disrupted, and, as a consequence, your relationship could end.

3. Instead of phones or text messages, use Skype. It is better to talk, even if it’s a short talk, and see one another on the computer screen than just exchange messages. In this way it is easier to maintain and develop your relationship. Such a talk can be even treated as a mini meeting. While writing text messages or chatting on Facebook, you cannot see the emotions of the other person, so the communication channel is very limited.


4. Do not force your partner to contact you. If he or she does not want to talk to you at a given moment, or does not want to meet you, there is no need to argue. You will not convince anyone using force. If you demand that your boyfriend or girlfriend should contact you against their wish, you only show, in a very negative way, how much you care and you disrupt the emotional balance. This rule applies to almost every relationship, but people being in a long-distance relationship make this mistake more often.

5. Long-distance relationships are more prone to be influenced by jealousy. It’s natural that if you aren’t around, your boyfriend or girlfriend wants to go out and meet other people. The most important thing in such a case is giving your partner much freedom. Blaming the other person or banning them from meeting others will not prevent a potential act of infidelity. You will only make the other person lie to you and not tell you about their meetings with other people. What’s more, when you show jealousy, you once again show in a negative way how much you care and you lose your attractiveness.

If you know someone who is in such a relationship, send them this article! Maybe you will be able to save their relationship.
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