How to get back with your ex – the 4 most common mistakes
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How to get back with your ex – the 4 most common mistakes

#1 You show how deeply you care about them
The biggest mistake you can make after break up is to show your ex-parter that you still care much about them and that you cannot live without them. The more crying and begging for being together again, the lower chance you have to get back with the man or woman. The worst what you can do is to take pity on your ex-partner by showing that you are not able to manage without them or what’s even worse – by threating them that you will commit suicide.
If you broke up because you didn’t care about the other person, you can show that you’ve already understood your miastkes and want to change. But never ever act depserately. It’s like getting from one extreme to the other. In such situation appologize for everything what you’ve done wrong. Say that you’d like to get a chance to fix your mistakes, but if your ex-partner refuses, just understand it. After that, no matter what the answer was, keep in touch with the person.

#2 You try to give logical reasons why it’s worth to be with you
Another mistake is to use logical reasons to convince the other person to give you one more chance. Every time you try to persuade them, you show how much you care about them and you break the balance of feelings. What’s more, logical reasons don’t work at all, because the other person’s feelings for you depend on their subconscious mind, not on their rational decisions. That’s why it’s also a very bad idea to try to convince your mutual friends to talk with you ex-partner. This way you show too much interest again and make the situation even worse.
#3 You act by force
Most people after being left by their partner tend to act by force just do to anything. They can’t stop contacting their ex and this way they break the balance of feelings. In such situation it’s good to give yourself some time and not to contact the other person at all. That gives your ex-partner chance to talk to you first. If it was you who showed much more interest in the past, such break will work for you very well. The more time passes, the less the other person is sure about your feelings for them and the less they know if you still want to be with them or maybe you’ve started dating someone new. In other words – you will become a greater challenge.

#4 You are too available
Your ex-partner may call or write you first, but if you agree on renewing the contact or meeting too fast, you will show that you’ve been at their fingertips for all that time and that it’s easy to get you back. That may make the other person think that you are not so attractive again. Therefore, you should be careful in such situations. Never show too much interest too early. If the person who broke up with you wants to meet you first, answer them in a friendly way: „That’s great you want to meet. I’d like to see you, but I’m a bit busy right now. I will call you when I have more time.” And actually call them, but after a few days.

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