How to get new friends: a bunch of advice
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How to get new friends: a bunch of advice

You most often establish friendships when you meet someone regularly, for example when you go to university or start working together. So if you want to get new friends, you have two choices – you can either create new opportunities to meet new people or you can integrate more with people who you already see regularly, but you’re not friends with.

If you want to create new opportunities to find friends, it's enough that you engage in a new activity. There’s quite a few examples:
- Signing up for a language course,
- Dance Schools,
- Training martial arts,
- Yoga Classes,
- You can join an association, for example go to couch surfer meetings that are organized in most cities.

A good solution is to use Skill Trade groups, where you can learn something in exchange for teaching something in return.

The range of different activities that you can participate in without spending a penny is really substantial. So consider what activity suits you and act.

However, remember that the most important thing is the ability to integrate with the people you meet.

The easiest way to make friends is to strengthen ties with people you already know and love, but don’t meet on a regular basis on social occasions or you just lost contact somewhere along the way. How to do it? It’s very simple – just suggest a meeting. Arrange a meeting one evening, preferably at home and invite a few people over. Many people will be happy to benefit from an invitation, because the problem is that hardly anyone organizes such meetings. Remember to never insist too much and God forbid do not take offense if someone refuses or even confirm their presence, but ultimately doesn’t show. This behavior is very unappealing.

You should organize these kinds of meetings on a regular basis. During a conversation with your guests you’ll be able to establish emotional bonds and thus make future meetings more likely.

Especially if you’ve met some new people, for example if you’ve started doing some of the mentioned activities, an invitation to a meeting of this kind it is a great option. Daily conversations at work or college are one thing, but social occasions where you can talk freely are really important.

In addition to meetings at home, organize events or short trips. Go ice-skating, go-karting, or plan weekend trips to the mountains or canoeing. Spending time together doing an activity or going on a journey can bring people closer.

A great opportunity to meet new people is getting to know your neighbors better. Move your ass, go get out into neighborhood, knock on these people’s doors and invite them over for the evening. It doesn’t have to be a big party, just a meeting over coffee.

The question of getting people to like you remains. Of course, the most important thing in this case is your personality, but I’ve got a few tips for you:
- Say "I like you”. According to a study just saying those three simple words will make people feel sympathy towards you.
- Ask for a small favor, for example to borrow a book or for advice on any subject.
- Talk about personal things. Start with yourself, confiding something in the person you’re speaking to. It will also encourage them to tell you something about themselves. Studies show that talking about personal issues has a positive impact on the building of sympathy between people.

To sum up – don’t withdraw from your social circles, go out and meet people. Be a leader and organize meetings for your friends. Integrate with people you already know and if you’re not certain that anyone could be a closer friend, start a new activity and meet new people. Creating friendships is a process that can take some time, so be patient. If someone refuses to meet, don’t take it personally. People are often simply lazy and even though they like you, they just don’t want to leave the house. But remember that it’s much harder to refuse the second time.

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