How to get out of friendzone (3 rules)
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How to get out of friendzone (3 rules)

If the person you find attractive treats you only as a friend, then you're probably not attractive enough for them. The universal solution in this case is to work on the 5 basic factors of your attractiveness. This means: your appearance, character, communication skills, lifestyle and social status. Working on these basic factors can help a lot, but sometimes the problem is more complicated and lies in the sixth and the most important factor of attractiveness. The factor is being a challenge for the other person.
If so far you’ve been showing the other person too much interest, then even if you’re usually successful with other women or men, in this particular case, you might have overdone it. Remember one rule: As long as the person you are going for is sure that you want to be with them, you have no chance to get them.

So if you’ve made a lot of mistakes and showed too much interest, the basic strategy is to show no interest. This usually means braking off contact or becoming distant from the other person. However, remember that you shouldn’t give the impression of being offended. Even with limited contact, you should always be nice and polite. You should focus on the significant reduction of initiative from your side.

The mental attitude you have towards the other person is very important. If you think that you would only be happy if you were with the person, you will try even harder to get them and you will subconsciously show too much interest. Because of that you will greatly lower your chances of success. Therefore, try to chill out and have no expectations. The best attitude would be: "Let's see what happens.".

When renewing contact, take the advantage of one of the most powerful tools for flirting and building chemistry between people. That is sexual innuendos and talking about sex.
Such talks disqualify you as a friend, because there’s a new flirting side to your relation. Taking about sex builds images in the other person’s mind and they may start imagining you in those types of situations. What’s more, such talks help you become a challenge, because you talk only about sex and not about being together.

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