How to lead an interesting conversation on a dating site
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How to lead an interesting conversation on a dating site

When you first start the conversation and, of course, all of you can go ahead and do it, including women, the most important principle is that it is you that has to lead it. That is why writing a short: "Hi," "Hey," or sending a simple smiley face is not the best idea, because it does not provoke a response. Of course, someone can write back anyway if you have an attractive profile, but you will have a much better chance if you enrich your opening line.

This shouldn’t be based on a continuous questioning, but saying something about yourself. The ideal structure of the beginning is to write a statement and only at the end pose a question. Let's see an example: “You have judo in your interests ... That’s crazy. Do you really train judo or do you just like watching men hugging?”

If you don’t want to strain your brain too much, there’s a simple, universal text, which gives pretty good results. It’s a short: "Hi. One of your photos caught my attention :) What are you up to?"
And even if you’re totally unattractive for that person, they would still be intrigued to ask: "Which photo?". Because this person just wants to know which photo is the best according to other people, so you have a fair chance of a reply.

Resulting in further conversation, remember that each subsequent message cannot be a question what is a very common practice. Such talk is tiring and more like a hearing. When you ask a question, first comment on what the other person answered, and even better, add something yourself, even if the other person didn’t ask you a question in return.

In order not to be boring, try to avoid asking trivial questions at the beginning: "what do you study?”, “where do you work?". This of course is important and worth asking about, but not during the first few minutes of conversation. It will be much more interesting if you tease the other person a bit and try guessing things about them, preferably in a wrong and exaggerated manner, instead of directly asking about everything. For example, if a girl who you’re talking to has a picture on the background of the church or you can see that she’s wearing a cross around her neck, you could say: "Judging by your picture at the church, you’re studying theology?".

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