How to make someone jealous - 3 rules
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How to make someone jealous - 3 rules

The only reason why you can use jealousy is improving or rebuilding the balance of feelings. If you feel that the person you are going for or the person you are with begins to put distance between you and is less and less attracted to you, showing them that you are interested in someone else, usually makes you gain attractiveness.

A perfect example of the use of this phenomenon is the moment when someone breaks up with you. If that person noticed that after a while you started dating someone, you immediately became more challenging for them – even if you've made a lot of mistakes.

Similarly, when you're in a relationship and your partner is clearly moving away from you and you can tell that they’re thinking about breaking up. If they’d have seen that there’s a third person somewhere on the horizon, their feelings towards you might have been strengthen – provided that you’d be making them jealous in the right way. So how is that exactly?

The most important rule is to hide the fact that you’re deliberately making them jealous. If the other person sees that you are doing it on purpose, it automatically makes them know that you’re trying to impress them and make them stay – then the effect is counterproductive, because you show that you care and you stop becoming a challenge.

Thus, the circumstances that can produce envy are best induced indirectly. For example, if you want to post a pic on facebook in which you are in the club with some other girl or guy – it is better that someone else posts it and just tags you on it.
Sticking to facebook: it’s better if someone comments on the photo: “It was wonderful. Thank you!” rather than you writing something yourself.

When you talk with someone that you want to make jealous, do not tell them that you went on a date. Say you went to the cinema or to the club – when they ask you about your company – say it was with a friend.

A very important rule is to indicate the potential threat coming from the other person – someone is trying to seduce you, but nothing has happened yet. Of course, all this must be adequate to the situation. Sometimes you can explain that this is just a friend, that you’re only seeing each other and there’s nothing between you
Avoid sending “supposedly” random text messages, which were meant for another person, because these looks very suspicious and will not work.

What specific scenarios can you use?
Ask your good looking friend to go to the club with you. You might meet some mutual friends inside and they’ll be sure to relay the info where it’s meant to go. But take a photo to be sure – make that person post it on their timeline and tag you on it. Ask another attractive friend to leave a provocative comment that would signify that they’re interested in you.
Ask someone to call you when you're meeting that person. When the phone rings go outside and talk for a few minutes, then return with a big smile on your face or say that you cannot talk now, because you’re meeting a friend, but that you’ll call back later. When the other person asks you who called – tell them” “It was just a friend.”. You can also ask your friend to send you a few text messages. This suggests that someone is trying to contact you and may provoke some suspicion.

Remember that inducing jealousy is only a temporary solution, which should be used only in situations where it is really necessary. If you want to build lasting relationships, you need to focus on working on your attractiveness on many levels – and above all, on maintaining the balance of feelings. Provoking jealousy can be compared to the use of antibiotics. You use them when you need to, but to stay healthy you don’t take them every day, but focus on a healthy lifestyle.

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