How to secude a girl with money
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How to secude a girl with money

Money and social status are actually one of the six factors of attractiveness, but it works differently than the other 5. This is because it does not directly affect the emotions and subconscious, but the conscious choices of women.

Therefore, a woman who sees two similar men, as a rule, will be more interested in the one with the Lamborghini, not in the one with the Skoda – because common sense dictates that the future of the richer guy may be a little better.

But unfortunately, money will not solve the whole thing. The only thing that cash can do for you is to buy a girl’s time – because when a woman sees that the future she may have with you is more convenient, she will pay you more attention to get to know you and see if you amount to something. But if you screw up on the other factors of attractiveness like your character, lifestyle and communication skills – or worse, you show her how much you care from the beginning, you will not be a challenge – then even the women consciously wanting to be with you, will not be able to love you and will sooner or later leave you.

So if you have money, you can attract girls especially at the beginning, but the cash does not guarantee you will create a lifelong relationship.

Moreover, sometimes the money can be an obstacle. If you’re too open about how much you earn or brag about it too much, you’re showing off – and it works overwhelmingly against your prospect of being a challenge and you also lose your attractiveness. This approach can also subliminally communicate – “I do not think I'm worthy of you, so I try to buy you with my money” – which is also repulsive.

Therefore, don’t ever brag about your money directly. Instead, show it indirectly, for example by dressing well.

Interestingly, you don’t need to have mountains of gold to look prosperous at first glance. There are two simple things you can do to give the impression that you are richer: first, dress elegantly. Wear a jacket and a shirt. They don’t need to be expensive – they only have to be well fitted. This outfit will make your social status grow, especially when compared to people who are in jumpers and t-shirts. That’s the most important rule.
The second is to buy the latest phone model – a good brand for example iPhone or Samsung. The phone is something easy to show – even when you take it out to ask the girl’s number. A girl, seeing that you have an expensive phone, will automatically assume that you have more money.

Remember that money is only one of the elements that can help you in getting an attractive woman, but there are a lot more important things than that. Therefore, if you do not have too much money, then pay attention! You can also have a girlfriend. The most important thing for you is not to worry about this fact, because it shouldn’t negatively impact your confidence. The lack of money is not a big obstacle – worrying about not having them is a lot worse.

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