How to stop thinking of someone. How to fall out of love?
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How to stop thinking of someone. How to fall out of love? The effective method.

Let's see how it works on a specific example. A man meets a beautiful woman. They date for a short time, but she loses interest and breaks off contact. Unfortunately he cannot forget her. An illusion is born in his head that she was the perfect woman and he will never meet anyone that could replace her. Time passes and he struggles every day. He thinks about her all the time.

If he doesn’t contact her, he settles down after a time and gets back into normal life. He forgets about her. After some time he starts going out with another girl, falls in love and remembers in disbelief about the time when he idolized that someone so strongly.

It may happen that the woman he fell in love with is a colleague and works in the same company constantly having contact with him. Then the man is trapped and cannot engage in any new relationships. Time passes and he notices that his crush has a partner. In such situation someone with a strong character could break off contact and move on. However, in 2010, more than 600 people committed suicide because of heartbreak. They didn’t die because of not succeeding in getting together with the other person, but because they believed that that other person would be the cause of their happiness.

What do you do if you fall in love and it’s not reciprocated? First, understand that your mind projects an illusion. Be aware that your own mind is giving you bad advice.

Second, understand that your belief is the cause of your misery and not the fact that you are not with that person. You want a proof? Close your eyes and think about what you feel when you believe in the idea that you need to be with that person and you’re not with them at the moment? What emotions do you feel at the moment? Close your eyes, stop the video and think about it now. Ready? Now imagine if you feel nothing along the lines of: "I have to be with this person." Close your eyes and imagine yourself in everyday situations such as going to work, shopping, but without the thought in your head. What would you feel? Stop and think.

You see? The reality has not changed. Only the way you are thinking and your emotions along with it.

From now on, do not fight this feeling and do not try to forget. It's as if you’d try to forget where you put a certain object every day. Instead, observe your feelings and thoughts as if they were not yours. As if you were detached. Let them flow through your mind without any resistance. Never identify with them. Watch them like storm clouds that go over the sky, but you know that they’ll soon disappear. If you follow this advice, then perhaps these emotions do not disappear immediately, but you’ll forget about that person easier and you’ll get back into normal life.

Additionally, cut yourself off from that person as much as you can. Avoid contact with them. Throw away things that you associate with them. Delete them from your friends on Facebook. The less things remind you of that person, the sooner you can get into normal life.

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