How to tell if someone likes you
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How to tell if someone likes you

Knowing how to recognize the interest or the lack of interest in the other person is essential when you meet someone who really attracts you.

One of the signs that helps recognize if someone likes you is their body language. It subconsciously shows the feelings of the other person. It’s sometimes visible at first glance, other times you need to look more closely.

Signals that show interest of another person are:
Playing with long objects such as a pen, straw or the leg of a wine glass.
Also, playing with a ring. This imitates sexual contact – this is what the body does to show the thoughts we hold inside.
Longer glances into the eyes and enlarged pupils. Someone who is interested in another person holds eye contact more often and for longer time. Not only during conversation, but in the surroundings of the person. Avoiding eye contact shows a lack of interest.

Initiating subtle physical contact. Even if this contact may seem completely accidental, for example, a touch on the shoulder, touching the hair or back; it shows that someone is interested in you. Even simply reducing the physical distance between you two works the same way.
The most often sign of interest given by women is playing with hair. This is done by women even with significantly shorter hair.
A lot is shown by your feet and the body position that people take while standing and talking. When the feet of the people who you are talk to are pointed towards the exit, this means they would want to end the conversation. Since we’re talking about feet, one of the biggest signs of interest shown by women is pointing their legs upwards. You can then be sure that she is into you. Body language doesn’t lie.
Asides from body language, you can evaluate the quality of contact with that person. Signals of interest other than body language are:
- often initiating contact with you, through direct conversation, telephone or the internet.
- proposing meetings with just the two of you, or agreeing to them when you’re the one asking.
- laughing at your jokes, even if they’re not funny.
- trying to show yourself in the best possible way.
- trying to find out if you’re single.

Unfortunately many people mistake politeness with being interested –and these two situations are easily distinguishable. When someone is just being polite, they show interest though long conversation, going out for a shared meal, etc. Their behavior also shows small hints of the lack of interest. For example: slow and fractional replies to your text messages, ignoring some things you say from time to time, mentioning someone that they may be into.
A person who is truly interested will additionally show their feelings through body language.
Remember that interest isn’t a switch that you can turn on or off. That it’s either there, or it isn’t. Interest can be subtle, medium, or very strong. It can also change depending on how you affect it.

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