How to use an excuse to meet your Ex
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How to use an excuse to meet your Ex

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You can have a lot of pretexts for meetings. Giving back something that belongs to that person, or taking away your property. Doing a business or asking for help. How many people and relationships so many pretexts to meet or renew contact.

Proposing a meeting in such a way, you may think that you are cunning and clever like a snake that tempted Eve... But is it really so?

Unfortunately, some pretexts for meetings only seemingly hide your interest, and in practice it is easy to guess that if you weren't interested in this person, you wouldn't offer anything similar.This applies to all matters that are actually a favor to that person. For example, if it is you who has someone else's things and you want to give them back, or if it is you who lost the bet and as a result it is you who invites this person for dinner.

All pretexts that are only theoretically in your interest work similarly, but in practice this interest is so small that if you didn't like this person, you wouldn't say a word about it. For example, you suggest that you come and pick up your comb, which costs 5 zlotys and you have to go through the city for half an hour. Or you want to get back your dirty worn-out underwear, which is only suitable for burning.

The same applies to pretexts that are theoretically in your interest and are relatively important, but if you were not interested, you would certainly not contact this person with a request for help, but for example, googled it yourself, or asked someone else to do so.

Using this type of pretexts you still show interest, but at the same time you can demonstrate a lack of self-confidence. This may carry a message like: "Probably you won't feel like meeting me, so maybe I'll at least come to pick up my underpants.

What's more, even if an excuse is really good, but you're sure that this person wouldn't want to see you without the excuse, you have to seriously consider whether it's worth using it. Because most likely, this meeting will not give you anything anyway, so it does not make much sense. In such a situation it is better to use an excuse only to show your lack of interest. For example, you can become a much bigger challenge for your ex, who thinks you want to go back to him/her all the time and fight for him/her, if instead of planning a dream date when you pick up your things, you take those things from his/her apartment in a few minutes and you won't stay for tea. You just kindly and peacefully apologize for not staying this time.

By deliberately wasting such an opportunity you show that you don't care about this person anymore. And in the long run it can bring you much more benefits than a forced meeting, which the other person does not want anyway.

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