Life- long relationship 5 revolutionary principles
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Life-long relationship 5 revolutionary principles


In most Western societies, almost 50% of marriages end in divorce. However, the definite majority of relationships end even before the marriage takes place. Besides, the fact that the relationship has lasted until the end of one’s life does not mean that partners are happy in such a relationship. Many couples stay together in the interest of their children’s well-being or simply because they got used to one another and they do not have other perspectives, which does not have anything in common with a high-quality relationship. In this recording, I’m going to tell you how to avoid such a fate. I will present 5 principles of building a happy and long-lasting relationship. Are you ready?

Remember that being in a relationship you have to, above all, be loyal to yourself. Sometimes, it’s worth to make compromises with your partner and assertiveness with regard to your needs is a very important factor when it comes to the durability of a relationship. If you comply with your partner too much, regardless of whether you’re a woman or a man, you will show your weak, needy side.


Remember that you’re not an egoist if you lead your own life the way you want to. An egoist is a person who forces its partner to live the way he or she wants. This means that you have to let your boyfriend or girlfriend live the way he or she wants. It’s easy to turn into a dictator and tell others what to do, but it’s not attractive and, in the long run, it will lead to the destruction of a relationship.

That’s why you should give yourselves much freedom.


The main cause of arguments is the lack of respect and kindness in communication between the two of you. That’s why, especially when you make assertive decisions, focus on showing as much tenderness for your partner as you can.


Kill monotony before it kills your relationship. It’s an important problem, especially for couples which have been together for a long time. But even partners who have been together for just a few months should not underestimate it. In order for your relationship to be thriving, you should do new things together all the time. Of course, it is most convenient to spend your free time at home, but in order to kill monotony I recommend going out to new places, at least once a week. It can be a restaurant in which you haven’t been yet. It can be practicing sports or a common form of entertainment, such as going out for a cultural event in your city. In minimal version, it’s even fine to go for a walk.
great form of fighting monotony are journeys – even the short ones (lasting one or two days) – since they make your relationship more lively.


Avoid infidelity, but instead of controlling your partner, you should above all control yourself. You must be careful especially when you feel that your relationship is not as “explosive” as it used to be and an attractive person appeared at your workplace. If you let yourself be involved in the so called “harmless flirtation”, you can quickly engage in a new relationship, and then the romantic emotions towards your current partner will weaken even more. If you don’t want to change your partners whole your life, consciously avoid such situations.


The last, but the most important, principle is controlling the balance of emotions between you and

your partner. The less time you have been together, the more delicate this sphere and the easier it is to violate it. It doesn’t mean that you must control yourself and be on pins and needles around your partner, but if you notice that he or she started to care a little less, you cannot overwhelm your partner with the signs of your interest. The worst signs of interest are the negative ones – for instance, he hasn’t written you back and you’re showing how much it hurts you, or he has rejected your proposal of a meeting and you are angry that there are more important things than you. You can get away with several types of behaviour like this but, in the long run, you will kill romantic emotions in your partner this way.


This recording is just a fragment of knowledge concerning building a happy and thriving relationship

that you can gain. If you’re interested in this topic, I strongly recommend watching my course “How to build and repair relationships”. You can find it on the website or click on the button which should now appear on the screen.

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