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What do you have to be aware of when you want to enlarge your family? How can a child influence the relationship? And will it always have a positive impact? In this new situation for a couple, we often don't focus on the relationship as we used to, so we may miss out on some of the changes that naturally occur in most couples. It is good to be aware of this in order to maintain a good relationship with your partner. Watch the video to learn more.
Your partner is clearly guilty of some unpleasant situation.... How to react to this? We often feel the need to point out the mistakes to our partner because it seems to us that thanks to this they will improve their behaviour. Unfortunately, this is a big mistake. Not only will we not make it happen again, but we will also aggravate the conflict and have a negative impact on the quality of the relationship. Fortunately, this is not an isolated situation. Watch the video and find out what attitude to adopt so that your relationship does not suffer in similar situations.
Would you like to know if your ex is thinking about coming back to you? Did you know that his/her feelings after parting are changing? This may work to your advantage, but if you are not aware of certain mechanisms, you can also ruin everything. That's why it's worth looking at it in more detail. Watch the latest video where you can see the whole process of disintegration of the relationship and return to your ex
You see that your relationship stands still and your partner refuses to take the next step? Your partner's unwillingness to live with you or get married, contrary to popular belief, is not their fault. So what can you do about it? Surely leaving a relationship to the mercy of fate will not be a good solution. It is worthwhile to, first of all understand what the attitude of your partner is, and then take some actions. I discussed everything in detail in the video. Check the following
What kind of person do we have to become, to have a happy relationship for years? Which behaviors immediately destroy the relationship and which ones strengthen it? You will find out all this in the material. See the 10 commandments of a successful relationship. 
There is so much talk about how important it is to communicate in a relationship and how often people make mistakes in this area.... But have you ever wondered how it happens that it is so difficult to get along with the person you love, know and enjoy spending your time with? How is it that communication errors are so common? That's what today's video will be about.
How do you know when a relationship is coming to an end? We often underestimate certain signs that may indicate that our relationship is not going well. However, it is worth paying more attention to this because you can fix a lot. So how do I know that the relationship is falling apart? Find out about 6 signs that don't apply to happy relationships
What to do if you are not the only candidate for a person you care about? Can you influence the feelings of this person? Is there an effective method to make him/her choose you? Everyone who has a competitor has to deal with these questions. We try different ways to prove that it's worth being with us, not the other person - but it doesn't always work. In this video I'll tell you a few things you need to know when you're in a situation like this.
Do you suspect that your partner has a too close relationship with someone else? Wondering if it's just a fling or something else? How to recognize it? How to behave then? Very often we unknowingly act to our disadvantage. And there is nothing strange about it, because when we feel a threat, we are tormented by emotions. But neither ultimatum nor constant control works. See what you can do so that your partner won't feel like getting involved in an affair. 
If you want to return to your ex, is the saying "the sooner the better" actually "better"? It turns out that not exactly... In most cases it has to be a long process. See why this happens and what mechanisms occur in such a situation.
Is it worth waiting with living together? Or maybe it is better to make such a decision earlier? As a rule, there are two very common doubts. First of all, one concerns whether living too quickly will not ruin the relationship. And the second one, whether the monotony that reduces the quality of the relationship will not sneak in. In this video I will explain how it works. Make sure to check it out.
Why can the concept of '5 love languages’ be so harmful? What makes showing affection in a partner's language not work? And why shoudn’t you fix the relationship this way? You will learn all this from today's video. Gary Chapman's book "5 Love Languages" contains so many false theories that I couldn't stand by it indifferently. See why this concept does more harm than good.
How long should you wait before you go to bed with someone? Will waiting too long make the partner no longer interested in you? Or maybe going to bed too soon will make it impossible to have a relationship? If you're troubled by the issues, it's perfect - in this video you'll find out about mechanisms that work in such a situation. See for yourself.
What excuse do you use if you want to meet the person you care about? It turns out that it's not that simple. Using the wrong reason can have very negative consequences. Not only will it reveal your real intentions, but it will also make you less attractive. You must admit that it is not worth the risk, so watch the film and learn how to use an excuse to your advantage.
Do you apply the principle of being a challenge in your relationship? Or maybe you would like to repair your relationship or regain your ex? Great! But don't forget the natural consequences of applying this principle. If you are aware of it and react appropriately to the situation, you will achieve the intended effect. If not, you may lose a lot in the eyes of another person. That's why it's important to check what is being talked about.
Do you have a whole list of breakups? Or maybe your relationship hangs on a thread again? We often blame our partner for breakup or poor quality of the relationship. It's very possible that it's his fault. But few people are aware of the fact that until they learn about certain mechanisms and change their behaviour, even changing a partner will do absolutely nothing. And the next relationship will look the same again. See the video in which I discuss this phenomenon in detail
You have been thinking about breaking up with your partner for a long time and what now? Breaking off is a very difficult experience, so we often postpone it indefinitely waiting for the right reason or the perfect moment. However, knowing some mechanisms will allow you to make good decisions and avoid mistakes that can have catastrophic consequences for both parties. See how to break up so that you won’t regret anything later.
Can you love two people at the same time? Most people would say definitely not. Is this really the case? Check it out if you want to know the mechanisms that work in such a situation.
Do you believe that your partner is your second half? Or maybe you are still waiting for a fairy tale prince? Unfortunately, such beliefs are very dangerous. And this can cause serious issues, regardless of whether you are in a relationship or you are  single. Watch a video and  see if true love exists and what common myths are associated with it.
Have you ever wondered what is the basic factor that is responsible for the emergence of conflicts in a relationship? What makes two people who are close to each other, who declare mutual love, suddenly become hostile to each other, and hurt each other?
The main source of such situations is a lack of understanding of the other party. Their feelings and thoughts and what causes them. That is why it is very important to be able to communicate one's emotions in a relationship.
Unfortunately, in case of misunderstandings, it often happens that we react to an attack in the same way, and hence an easy way to quarrels and mutual hostility.
However, there is a way to stop the automatic reaction and to limit as much as possible such harmful situations for the relationship. What kind of reaction is that?
Watch today's video and find out what "empathy reflex" is.