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How to be a challenge to increase your attractiveness? What should be done not to overuse this principle? And does being inaccessible really have such a strong impact on the other person?
You will learn all this from today's video.. It's a powerful mechanism that can save not only a new relationship, but also a long relationship. And if you are  more interested in the subject, I encourage you to watch the material to the end - important information awaits you.
I present you 5 greatest love myths, in which most of the society believes. I bet that you also believe in most of them. I think that it will be easy to debunk most of them, but some of them are deeply rooted in our society, so you will have to be open-minded in order to understand that.
If you would like to find someone you could start relationship with, here you can find a few tips which for sure help you to make your plan become true. 
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When you start chatting with a person that you met on the Internet, the fact whether the person answers you or not depends not only on your profile, but also on what you write. The way you lead the conversation is crucial also when it comes to arranging a date. If you seem interesting and extraodrinary, your chances to go on a date will be much better. But how to do this? I talk about it in the video.
Nowadays seducing on the web is one of the most popular ways to meet new attractive people. Actually, it can also be quite easy and pleasant, but first you have to know how to create an interesting profile on a dating website. Your profile is the first thing to catch someone’s attention, so it’s much more important than the way you start conversations. In this video I will help you to create an attracitve description. 
Who chooses in male-female relations? Do men decide which woman they want to be with or maybe women choose the right man? There are different opinions on the subject and they depend on who answers the questions: a guy or a girl. In this video I explain why such doubts make no sense and how exactly we build realtionships.
The fact that you got somebody’s number doesn’t mean that you will date the person. To meet them you need to call them and have an appropriate conversation. How do to this? In this video I give you a few useful tips that will help you arrange a date with the person you like.
In my previous videos I explained how being a challenge for the opposite sex works and why it’s so important. In this video you will learn what steps you need to take to become a challenge and to make this factor of attractiveness work to your advantage.
Are you dating someone who treats you just like a friend? There a few ways to make them notice that you could be their boyfriend or girlfriend:
1. Work on your attractiveness
2. Remember to be a challenege
3. Make sexual innuendos
If you wanna learn more, watch the video.
In this video I explain how to recognize that the guy you are dating wants only sex. I’m not trying to say it’s wrong and that you should avoid such relations, but it’s just useful to be able to notice the signs not to be disappointed in the future. Watch the video and know:
- the most common symptoms that he wants only sex
- how male-female relations works,
- how to seduce,
- how to react to sexual allusions.
Is sex strongly connected with being a challenge? Many people think so and that’s why they spend days and nights wondering when they should go to bed with a new partner. In this video I help you solve the problem, so watch it and know on which date it’s ok to have sex.
The fact whether you pick up an attractive person or not depends not only on your attractiveness and self-confidence. It is also heavily dependent on the place you look for a new partner. There are places where it is very difficult to find someone. On the other hand, there are also places where meeting new people seems natural. Watch the video and know which 5 places are the best to meet new and attractive people.
Sex without commitments is a controversial subject for many people. Quite often it is even a taboo topic, but whether you like it or not, there will always be some people who will look for sex without commitments and on the other hand, there will be some people who will never agree to have it. The faster these two groups recognize each other, the better for them. Watch the video and know 3 rules that make it easier not to hurt anybody and to meet a partner suitable for sex without commitments.
Men often complain that these days women are all over money. In this video I will tell you:
- how exactly money influences your attractiveness,
- what to do to look rich even if you don’t have mountains of gold,
- if you can be attractive even if you have little money.
This video is dedicated to younger people who have little experience yet. If the guy you’re meeting is shy or simply waits for too long to kiss you, take the initative and make the first kiss finally happen. Watch the video to learn how to do it in an atrractive way.
This video is dedicated to younger people who have little experience yet. Watch it to know on which date and under which circumstances it is worth to kiss a girl. I’ll also give you a few tips on what to do if you are shy or if the girl refuses your kiss.
Making someone jealous is a common practice to get yourself noticed by the other person. This strategy can be either very effective or very damaging. The effect depends on your ability to use the metod. Watch the video and know how to use it successfully.
„Does he really like me? Or maybe he’s just being polite?”
In this video you will learn how to read the signs of interest. So if you’ve ever had trouble recognizing if someone is attracted to you, watch the video and forget about the problem.
Seduction is often perceived very negatively, but is it actually something wrong? Are people who are interested in the subject mean? Do they manipulate others or do they just work on their attractiveness and like meeting new people? Is seduction allowed only for men? Should women never ever start a conversation? Is it really like that that you don’t enter the same river twice? Watch the video and crack down on the biggest myths about seduction.
How is it that sometimes not really attractive people are in a happy relationship and very attractive persons stay single for years? There is one very important reason why this happens. You only need to change one thing and you will forget how it is to be single – of course if you want it.