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Would you like to know if your ex is thinking about coming back to you? Did you know that his/her feelings after parting are changing? This may work to your advantage, but if you are not aware of certain mechanisms, you can also ruin everything. That's why it's worth looking at it in more detail. Watch the latest video where you can see the whole process of disintegration of the relationship and return to your ex
What to do if you are not the only candidate for a person you care about? Can you influence the feelings of this person? Is there an effective method to make him/her choose you? Everyone who has a competitor has to deal with these questions. We try different ways to prove that it's worth being with us, not the other person - but it doesn't always work. In this video I'll tell you a few things you need to know when you're in a situation like this.
If you want to return to your ex, is the saying "the sooner the better" actually "better"? It turns out that not exactly... In most cases it has to be a long process. See why this happens and what mechanisms occur in such a situation.
What excuse do you use if you want to meet the person you care about? It turns out that it's not that simple. Using the wrong reason can have very negative consequences. Not only will it reveal your real intentions, but it will also make you less attractive. You must admit that it is not worth the risk, so watch the film and learn how to use an excuse to your advantage.
Do you apply the principle of being a challenge in your relationship? Or maybe you would like to repair your relationship or regain your ex? Great! But don't forget the natural consequences of applying this principle. If you are aware of it and react appropriately to the situation, you will achieve the intended effect. If not, you may lose a lot in the eyes of another person. That's why it's important to check what is being talked about.
While contacting your Ex, it is easy to make mistakes. If you do not follow certain rules, it is very possible that it will end in failure. That's why it's worth knowing when you should renew contact, how and where to lead the conversation. In this video you will see how easy it is to become a challenge again just thanks to the proper way of  renewing contact.
Is it possible that the relationships we see on TV screens or among our friends influence the condition of our relationships? Of course, yes! This stems from our convictions, which we gather all our lives observing others. And they influence our behaviour and opinions - in every sphere. The first step is to find out which beliefs are so pointless that we have to get rid of them. The most common and the most dangerous for your relationship will be shown in this video.
When is it worth and when is it not worth reminding ex about the moments spent together? Intuition very often tells us that this is one of those ways that evoke positive emotions or even longing. And this is the first step to recover the partner. Unfortunately, in many cases it is a mistaken way of thinking and may bring more harm than good. Why is this happening? In what situations is it better to avoid this? Watch today's video carefully
Will your partner forget about you if you break the contact? Breaking the contact after parting for many people seems to be the worst option. Especially if we want to back to ex. We often think that conversations, text messages, meetings work in our favor and in this way we have more opportunities to rebuild the relationship. Unfortunately, this is wrong thinking and in many cases will not work. Check up why.
When someone decides to break up with us, in many cases we do everything to keep our former partner. Sometimes inept, because we do not see symptoms that clearly indicate that this relationship is a thing of the past. So what does it mean that the ex does not want to come back to us and it's better to forget? You'll find out on this recording.
Making the former partner miss us requires a lot of knowledge about the relationship. That is why I have tried and tested methods that, if used correctly, will unimaginably increase your attractiveness in the eyes of ex. See what you need to do to revive the feelings of your former partner.
In this video you will see the most important tips when trying to get your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend back. You will know what mistakes you have to avoid and what kind of startegy you should adopt to revive feelings between you and your ex-partner.
In this video I talk about the 4 most common mistakes that people make while trying to get back with their ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend (wife or husband). The consequences of the mistakes are usually fatal and make it impossible to be with your partner again. You have to know them to increase your chances.
Most people who give their opinion on getting back with exes say that it’s definitely not worth your time and energy. They are wrong. The correct answer is „it depends”. In this video I explain the mechanism that works during break-ups and I talk about a few factors that will help you make the right decision.
Understanding why your relationship fell apart is very important if you want to avoid similar situations in the future. In most cases, the resons why you broke up are not so obvious and totally unintuitive. Sometimes you can’t even be sure if it’s all beacue feelings faded away or if your parnter’s resons are true.
In this video I talk about the 4 most possible hypotheses why your relationship fell apart.
If you have just broken up with your girlfriend or boyfriend and you care deeply about getting back with them, it is worth knowing a few rules that will make it much easier. If you understand your mistakes, if you don’t make another ones and if you become a challenge again, then getting back with your ex-partner will be easier than you think.