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In the Internet you can find many articles describing how to build self-confidence, but you need to know that most of the advice given by coaches have a very shallow basis. In this video I talk about the fundamental differences between shallow and deep self-confidence.
This video applies to one of the most common afflictions in these times – loneliness.
This is ironical, but if you feel lonely, you are not alone.
Many people try to solve the problem. The good news is that you really don’t need to do much to deal with loneliness. It’s enough to understand a few very important issues:
- the way you should think not to be afraid,
- the method that will help you to feel better when you realize you are afraid of being lonely.
The last step to gain unstoppable self-confidence is to get rid of the need of being respected and loved by other people. Watch the video and know how to do it.
The works of Anthony De Mello, Byron Katie and Eckhart Tolle have inspired me to preapre this material.
How is it that sometimes not really attractive people are in a happy relationship and very attractive persons stay single for years? There is one very important reason why this happens. You only need to change one thing and you will forget how it is to be single – of course if you want it.
Don’t you like manipulation? You can be 100% honest and still be a challenge. To do so, you need to change your attitude and really become an attractive person. A mentally attractive person, because it’s all about the way you think.