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Did you know that, according to CEBOS research, as much as 52% of men and 33% of women cheat on their partners? This time the survey was conducted in a very cunning way, so the data is quite reliable. Today I am sending a video on how to recognise that you are being cheated on. 
Are you wondering if your partner loves you? Before you start looking for an answer to this question, it is important to watch this video. I'll dispel two myths that we often forget about and which are of great importance in this topic. I am convinced that this video will open your eyes to certain aspects.
How often do you argue with your partner? Find out what you can do to reduce quarrels and how to deal with them when they happen. In this video I present 5 principles of resolving relationships conflicts in a constructive way.
Do you often spend your free time watching TV series with your partner? And have you ever wondered whether this could affect your relationship? If not, don't worry, you'll have the opportunity to take a look at it right now. Check  if TV series will not destroy your relationship.
Money can be a problem for couples not only when there is no money, but also when there is a lot of money. There are some clear situations that show that the thickness of your wallet is what counts most for your partner. Is this an insurmountable obstacle? Fortunately not, but it is worth evaluating this situation and taking some action. See 5 signs that indicate that a woman may be with you for your money.
What to do when your partner lied to you? Is that enough reason to start an argument? Or maybe there is another way out? Of course it is. And it is one that will protect your relationship from another argument, resentment and accusations. But for this to happen, you need to realize one very important thing - I'm talking about it in the video. You'll also get to know the best reaction to two very popular lies. This is valuable knowledge, so I encourage you to watch my video.
While contacting your Ex, it is easy to make mistakes. If you do not follow certain rules, it is very possible that it will end in failure. That's why it's worth knowing when you should renew contact, how and where to lead the conversation. In this video you will see how easy it is to become a challenge again just thanks to the proper way of  renewing contact.
Is it possible that the relationships we see on TV screens or among our friends influence the condition of our relationships? Of course, yes! This stems from our convictions, which we gather all our lives observing others. And they influence our behaviour and opinions - in every sphere. The first step is to find out which beliefs are so pointless that we have to get rid of them. The most common and the most dangerous for your relationship will be shown in this video.
How to be a challenge to increase your attractiveness? What should be done not to overuse this principle? And does being inaccessible really have such a strong impact on the other person?
You will learn all this from today's video.. It's a powerful mechanism that can save not only a new relationship, but also a long relationship. And if you are  more interested in the subject, I encourage you to watch the material to the end - important information awaits you.
Does betrayal always mean a definite end? Or are there situations in which it is worth giving a second chance?
If you care about your relationship, even though your partner has seriously undermined your trust, see if the game is still worth the candle. There are situations in which it is definitely better to let go. But not always. When does the relationship still has a chance to survive? How to cope with such a difficult situation? That's what today's video is about.
When is it worth and when is it not worth reminding ex about the moments spent together? Intuition very often tells us that this is one of those ways that evoke positive emotions or even longing. And this is the first step to recover the partner. Unfortunately, in many cases it is a mistaken way of thinking and may bring more harm than good. Why is this happening? In what situations is it better to avoid this? Watch today's video carefully
Will your partner forget about you if you break the contact? Breaking the contact after parting for many people seems to be the worst option. Especially if we want to back to ex. We often think that conversations, text messages, meetings work in our favor and in this way we have more opportunities to rebuild the relationship. Unfortunately, this is wrong thinking and in many cases will not work. Check up why.
Unfortunately, lost of our partner interest pushes us towards even greater struggle for a relationship. But this is a mistake. Watch this video and find out why. See what you can do to save your relationship.
In many relationships quarrels occur so often that it is almost everyday rutine for most people. They are convinced that it is completely natural and they can not imagine a relationship without arguments and tensions. They think that quarrels positively affect their relationships and are the best way to resolve conflicts. On this recording, I am refuting this universal myth.
You probably know this feeling when in the initial phase of the relationship a flock of butterflies flies in your stomach. And you probably know that with the passage of time less and less excitement and excitement appears. But does this mean that this relationship should be written off? You will find out about this in this video.
Building a lasting relationship, to the surprise of the majority, is also a skill. What's more, it is really worth acquiring - especially if you would like to be happy with this sphere and would prefer not to change partners like gloves forever. What you can do now is to look at the video and see what behaviors clearly indicate that it will be difficult for you to build a healthy relationship.
When someone decides to break up with us, in many cases we do everything to keep our former partner. Sometimes inept, because we do not see symptoms that clearly indicate that this relationship is a thing of the past. So what does it mean that the ex does not want to come back to us and it's better to forget? You'll find out on this recording.
Making the former partner miss us requires a lot of knowledge about the relationship. That is why I have tried and tested methods that, if used correctly, will unimaginably increase your attractiveness in the eyes of ex. See what you need to do to revive the feelings of your former partner.
We often hear that "love will endure everything" and other similar statements that suggest to us that a strong feeling is enough to be in a happy relationship. If you think so, then ... unfortunately, I have to worry you. To create a true, successful relationship, one must bear in mind the very important mechanism that governs every relationship. Check what you need to know.
Have you ever wondered whether your and your partner's opinion is definitely on an equal footing? Don't you sometimes have the feeling that you are a more interested person, and your partner uses it to your disadvantage? Maybe you have the impression that you are at his beck and call to get what he wants? If you know that your relationship looks like that, then this material is obligatory for you.