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Unfortunately, lost of our partner interest pushes us towards even greater struggle for a relationship. But this is a mistake. Watch this video and find out why. See what you can do to save your relationship.
In many relationships quarrels occur so often that it is almost everyday rutine for most people. They are convinced that it is completely natural and they can not imagine a relationship without arguments and tensions. They think that quarrels positively affect their relationships and are the best way to resolve conflicts. On this recording, I am refuting this universal myth.
You probably know this feeling when in the initial phase of the relationship a flock of butterflies flies in your stomach. And you probably know that with the passage of time less and less excitement and excitement appears. But does this mean that this relationship should be written off? You will find out about this in this video.
Building a lasting relationship, to the surprise of the majority, is also a skill. What's more, it is really worth acquiring - especially if you would like to be happy with this sphere and would prefer not to change partners like gloves forever. What you can do now is to look at the video and see what behaviors clearly indicate that it will be difficult for you to build a healthy relationship.
We often hear that "love will endure everything" and other similar statements that suggest to us that a strong feeling is enough to be in a happy relationship. If you think so, then ... unfortunately, I have to worry you. To create a true, successful relationship, one must bear in mind the very important mechanism that governs every relationship. Check what you need to know.
Have you ever wondered whether your and your partner's opinion is definitely on an equal footing? Don't you sometimes have the feeling that you are a more interested person, and your partner uses it to your disadvantage? Maybe you have the impression that you are at his beck and call to get what he wants? If you know that your relationship looks like that, then this material is obligatory for you.
Is it worth investing in your relationship? Maybe you’ve fallen into a trap of habit and you’re with your partner only because you got used to him/her and you don’t really have a reason for breaking up?
These 3 questions should help you find the answer to the question: “Does my relationship have prospects for the future?”

Using jealousy in seducing someone is quite risky. On the one hand, thanks to it you may become a great challenge for the other person and become more attractive, but on the other, if you use jealousy in an improper way, you may lose a lot. In this video, I’m going to show you basic rules for boosting jealousy and specific examples, which you may use.

People say that there is no love without jealousy, but that’s not true. Jealousy is a serious problem which often ruins relationships or lowers the quality of life. Today I’m going to tell you how exactly jealousy arises and what to do in order to deal with this feeling and not let it negatively influence your relationship. It will be very practical knowledge.
Relationships end because one partner gradually stops caring about the other. Most often I have advised what to do in order to boost the feelings of the other person. But what to do when you stop caring? In this text I’m going to tell you how to change this state at two levels: how to influence your own feelings, and how to influence your partner.
I present you 5 greatest love myths, in which most of the society believes. I bet that you also believe in most of them. I think that it will be easy to debunk most of them, but some of them are deeply rooted in our society, so you will have to be open-minded in order to understand that.
How often do you argue with a partner? Check what to do to reduce the quarrel and how to deal with them once they happen.
In this video, I present 5 principles of constructive conflict resolution in a relationship.
The relationships we see in movies most often have nothing to do with true love. Unfortunately, relationships in real life often also not. This is because we love selfishly, relationships so often break up and people suffer. But, is that certain, that the most beautiful feeling — love must be related with suffering? With uncertainty? With fear of losing partner? In this video, I present you 6 differences between real and paper love.
How to develop a long-time relationship? How to take care of it and what to do to kill monotony, before it kills your relationship? In this video, I present you 5 principles of building a happy and long-lasting relationship. 
Almost everyone knows that monotony kills relationships. Even though, most people do nothing to fight it. What’s more, monotony in a relationship is often not what it seems to be and that’s why the effective ways to overcome monotony are extraordinary. How exactly to deal with the problem? I talk about it in this video.
Do you feel like you didn’t like something about your partner’s behavior and you would like to change it? Check what you could have been doing wrong and what’s the most effective way to motivate people. Changing your partner’s behavior is possible if you change your behavior a bit. Watch the video and learn a rare strategy.
Jealousy is a very negative feeling that often appears in totally irrational situations and is hard to overcome. Watch this video and know how showing jealousy affects your relationship and when it’s better not to show it even if you feel such a need.
Sometimes there’s no need to wonder if the other person loves you or not – you can just see it with every move they make. However, there are situations when you are not sure of his or her feelings – you can see that the other person is involved or they even tell you that they love you, but on the other hand, you can also notice some signs that prove that they are not in love with you. In this video you will know 3 rules that will help you recognize the feelings the other person has for you.
Are you dating someone who treats you just like a friend? There a few ways to make them notice that you could be their boyfriend or girlfriend:
1. Work on your attractiveness
2. Remember to be a challenege
3. Make sexual innuendos
If you wanna learn more, watch the video.
Are you wondering if you are in a toxic relationship? In this video I talk about:
- the signs of a toxic relationship,
- whether it’s worth to work on your relationship or maybe it’s better to end it,
- how to break up with a toxic partner,
- what to expect and what to be careful about after break-up.