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Is sex strongly connected with being a challenge? Many people think so and that’s why they spend days and nights wondering when they should go to bed with a new partner. In this video I help you solve the problem, so watch it and know on which date it’s ok to have sex.
Is it possible to have a very good quality long distanace relationship? What to do to make it last? Watch this video and learn:
- what the biggest dangers for such relationships are,
- what to do to avoid them,
- how to build long distance relationship,
- how not to have problems with feelings in such relationship,
- how to trust your partner and make them trust you.
Maintaining a long-term relationship is not easy at all. Most people fail at it. Watch the video to know what mistakes you should avoid to increase your chances of having a long-lasting relationship.
How does it happen that such a beautiful feeling like love is so often connected with uncertainty, jealousy and pain? It’s all because our love is egoistic. Why? The reason is at the same time the biggest obstacle to true love. In this video I explain what exactly it is and how to fight it.
If you can’t stop thinking of a girl or a guy, it’s because you believe in the illusion that your mind creates. In this video you will see what illusion it is and how to get rid of it.
Most people imagine love in exactly the same way it’s shown in movies. The images have nothing in common with the reality. What’s more, they can be very damaging. In this video I talk about 7 most common mistakes in male-female relations.
Making someone jealous is a common practice to get yourself noticed by the other person. This strategy can be either very effective or very damaging. The effect depends on your ability to use the metod. Watch the video and know how to use it successfully.
If I had to choose only one reason why relationships usually end, I would tell it’s the breakdown of the balance of feelings – that means letting a situation occur in which one side tries a lot more than the other. The most negative impact on the balance of feelings has one fatal error which is very common.
For many people getting married is a lifelong decision that gives them the feeling of safety and stability. But is it really like that? Isn’t it just an illusion that we drove home to the safe harbor of marriage, but in reality our ship is constantly floating on high seas?
Marriage relates to many dangers. However, it is possible to avoide them if you know what to watch out for. View the video and know 4 of the greatest dangers of married life.
How is it that sometimes not really attractive people are in a happy relationship and very attractive persons stay single for years? There is one very important reason why this happens. You only need to change one thing and you will forget how it is to be single – of course if you want it.