Seducing on the Web. 5 rules of creating an attractive profile on a da
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Seducing on the Web. 5 rules of creating an attractive profile on a dating site.

# 1
The most important rule is to choose attractive pictures. Photos with stupid and boring backgrounds should be avoided. If you are a men, you can also forget about showing your chest. It’s a total no-no.

The best pictures are the ones that show your lifestyle apart from the way you look Thus, the best photos will be the ones from holidays or those taken while practicing a sport. Posed pics should be avoided. Once you post a picture from vacation, it is better not to choose one with a beer or cigarette in it. It will be unattractive for many people.

Images are such an important part of your profile that I advise against saying "I haven’t got those. I'll take a selfie in the bathroom, it will be enough." If you do not have these types of images, go and have them made.

You should have at least one photo, but preferably several, where you are very smartly dressed, especially if you are a man. It will increase your social status in the eyes of people who visit your profile and you’ll really stand out from the majority of other profiles, where people are usually dressed very casually.

You should try highlighting your greatest assets. If it is your face, be sure to paste shots of your face up close, where you can see almost exclusively your face. If your figure is a bigger asset, of course post pictures that will emphasize that. In this case, it is worth to focus even on the biggest advantages of your figure, depending on what it is. For example, posting images where your strong arms or the feminine physiques of your body are visible.

Make sure to fill out the "About Me" section. I know that the photos are usually more important, but you can use this field to your advantage. You can provoke anyone to start talking to you. For example, if they discover that you share similar interests. This field can also be decisive when you suggest meeting someone and that person simply hesitates. What should a good description look like?

First, it must be customized. Any short sentences like "I am what I am" prove your low creativity. Writing a serious description of what you do and what you like to do is a slightly better option, especially if you're really curious. But it is good toss in a little bit of humor and irony. It’s good if you have a laugh at your own expense. It’s very bad if you show off too much.

Remember that all your information needs to be real. Not just the ones that will be included in your description, but also the ones that you present on the photos. It is not worth basing anything on lies, because there's a good chance that sooner or later everything will be revealed. And secondly, by lying you usually try showing yourself from all the best angles. This makes you look as if you’re trying too hard and this is a very unattractive attitude.

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