The 4 biggest myths about seduction
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The 4 biggest myths about seduction

#1 Seduction is a vile manipulation
Seduction is perceived very negatively, but if you meet someone who is more interested in this subject, it is usually the person who is working on their attractiveness. Various techniques are only a small addition and usually only serve to attract and maintain the attention of a new acquaintance. The only way to permanently succeed in the field of male-female relations is to increase your attractiveness on many levels. It is also important to understand the rules of being a challenge - but even in this field the only way to go forward is to change your mentality instead of learning new tricks.

#2 Picking up girls on the street is desperate
Is a person looking for a waiter’s job desperate, if they go from restaurant to restaurant, looking for work – even if they hang out notices, that they’re looking for waiters? Or is the person ingenious? Maybe desperation depends on your state of mind and not on what you’re doing?

Almost every man would like to have enough courage and skill to be able to easily start a conversation with any woman on the street, or in any other public place. However, the vast majority of men never even try – because fear doesn’t allow them to – or they get discouraged after several unsuccessful attempts. These are the men that later claim that it’s impossible, or that it’s desperate to try. Let them think so – they have to justify their failures somehow.

#3 Only men can start a conversation
There’s a very strong preconception that it is the man that should always start a conversation and propose a date. But it is only a cultural convention. A woman who has enough courage to start a conversation - even very indirectly, not revealing her intentions, creates a much better chance to get to know an attractive partner compared to those women who never do so. It’s a pretty strong trend on dating websites and it works just as well in reality. Moreover, because of this, the men start feeling overwhelmed by the interest that is being directed their way, so if this happens, the reactions are usually very positive.

#4 It’s impossible to get back with an ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend
It’s a common thing to hear that getting back with your ex is impossible, or that you don’t enter the same river twice. Of course, sometimes making up with someone isn’t worth it and it’s better to start dating someone new, but returning to your former partner is definitely possible. If you’ve learned from your mistakes and you’ll never commit them again, you not only have the chance to get back together, but reinforce your relationship and make it better. If you’re not sure, ask yourself if you’ve never known a couple that had taken a “break”, but got back together again?

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