What to do to make your ex start to miss you?
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What to do to make your ex start to miss you?

Would you like your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend to start missing you and talking to you? You are in a good place. My name is Robert Marchel, and I've been conducting consultations concerning male-female relations and coming back to ex-es for years. Today, I'm going to tell you about 5 things that you can do in order for your ex-partner to start thinking more about you.

Let's start with the fact that the fight for an ex-partner does not consist of begging for a come-back, persuading him/her about giving you another chance or constant contact which your partner does not want.  All these things repel your ex even more and limit the chances of a come-back.

You cannot persuade the person who has broken up with you with the use of any logical arguments because the decision concerning the break-up is not logical, but emotional. That's why you have to influence the emotional sphere.

The most important rule, without which coming back to your ex is not possible, is convincing your ex-partner that you are doing well without him/her and that you no longer want to come back to him/her.  As long as your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend thinks that he/she can come back to you at any time, you are not a challenge for this person and the come-back is impossible.

The exemplary come back to your ex can look like this: Kate breaks up with John. John is devastated and he is fighting for Kate for a month, but she keeps on distancing herself and contacting him less often. At last, John gives up and 2 subsequent months pass.  During this period, John recovers and stops thinking about Kate.  

But she, in contrast, notices that he is no longer fighting for her and she's not sure whether he still wants to be with her. Or maybe he's found someone else? She contacts John, and he is nice and talkative but does not react with great enthusiasm.

The contact will be gradually more and more frequent - the couple will start contacting more often and start getting closer. Finally, they will come back to one another.

The key to succes is being a challenge. If one party engaged too quickly and overwhelmed the other, possibly nothing would come out of it. Therefore, the basic issue is becoming a challenge for your partner.  The following rules will make it much easier:

1. Do not touch upon the topic of feelings, relationships, mistakes and other hard topics during the contact with your ex.  Do not mention your best moments as this shows that you are still thinking about them – and as you mention them, it’s certain that you still care about the person and you want to come back. So you are not a challenge.

2. Limit claims, jealousy and hostility to minimum. If you feel that your latest contacts have been hostile – contact your partner and apologize for it but, at the same time, imply that you do not expect anything but only want to leave a good memory of yourself.

3. Show and say that you are no longer suffering after the break-up and that you will not care anymore. Such an image of you should be created not only directly for your ex but also for all mutual friends who can tell your ex-partner that you're doing ok.  

4. Show that something is happening in your social life and that you can start meeting someone at any moment.  It is one of the things which can quickly attract the attention of your ex, but it can be very risky if you do it in an improper way, or if you go too far.

5. Limit or even fully stop contacting your ex-partner for some time. It, unfortunately, depends on an individual case and there is no one universal recipe for everyone - you will need some intuition and more knowledge concerning relations.

This film is merely a fragment of knowledge which you should gain in order to significantly increase the chances of coming back to your ex.

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