When it is better to forget about your ex?
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When it is better to forget about your ex?

Hi, my name is Robert Marchel and I’ve been conducting daily consultations concerning repairing relationships and coming back to ex-partners since 2008.

If someone has just broken up with you and you still care about that person, you have to make a very important decision – is it still worth fighting for this relationship or if it’s better to give up and forget.

This decision is even harder when you have children together. On the one hand, you hear people say “Forget! Come-backs do not make any sense!”, and, on the other, you possibly know some couples which had a longer or shorter “break” during their relationship (they broke up but came back to each other).

In this video, I’m going to present 3 situations in which it is definitely not worth trying to repair a relationship and it’s better to forget about your partner.

1. When your ex is already in a new relationship. This is the hardest possible situation. It’s even harder when your ex’s feelings towards this new person are strong. If it is infatuation, or even love, unfortunately you probably need to give up.

The situation is a bit different when your partner has just started to meet someone but he or she is not in a relationship yet and it’s uncertain what’s going to come out of this. New relationships may end quickly and your partner may want to contact you again.

2. If you have broken up due to huge personality or value differences. Unfortunately, not everyone can match you – even if, at the beginning, you got on well. People can also significantly change during the course of a relationship – for instance, under the influence of the environment or new work. If you have broken up due to frequent arguments, it is probable that even if you come back to each other, your old problems will come back sooner or later.

If, before a break-up, you were not content with your partner’s behavior, be aware that after coming back to him/her, possibly nothing will change.
That’s why you should try to understand why your relationship has fallen apart and focus on not making the same mistakes, before making a decision whether to fight for your ex-partner or not.

3. When your ex-partner has clearly detached himself/herself from you (for instance, if he/she does not answer your calls or responds to your messages, or if the only contact you have is initiated by you), you do not meet regularly and you have no “hitching point” in the situation.

It sometimes happens that the other person has made a strong, logical decision about a break-up and even if he/she sometimes thinks about you, he/she is deliberately detaching himself/herself from you.

4. If you remain in suspension for a long time and nothing is moving forward. You are not meeting as often as you’d like to and you are not as close as you’d like to. Or when your relation is purely sexual, but you partner is constantly repeating that he/she does not want to engage. In such a case, you should think about the mistakes you make. But if you’ve already tried many solutions and nothing is changing, it is often better to give up and not waste more energy on this person.

If you are in one of the above situations, you have to, at best, completely give up your partner for a longer period of time (preferably, for at least a month or two) before contacting him/her again, or, at worst, you have to completely give up and forget this person forever.

Regardless of what you’ll decide to do, do no spend your time now listening to sad songs, with a bottle of wine and your ex’s pictures. The faster you come back to normal life, the better you’re going to feel.

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Robert Marchel

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