Who chooses: men or women?
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Who chooses: men or women?

What’s interesting, men are usually convinced that women choose them and women think they are at the mercy of men. What is the truth?

The truth is that we choose each other equally. You need to choose if you want to be with that particular person, but at the same time, this person must also choose you. If only the guy chooses a girl and she ignores him, then he’s convinced that she’s the one that chooses. When the woman likes someone and nothing comes of it, she feels like the man chooses.

In this situation, you may ask the question: but who chooses first then? Both parties choose at the same time, but the full choice is not immediate. On the contrary, it takes quite a long time. At the first meeting on the basis of first impressions these two people quickly decide whether they want to have something to do with each other, but even if the first choice is unfavorable, eg. for the guy, if he only has a little more time to stay and chat with the girl, it will present him with the opportunity to change her initial decision. What's more, his initial choice can easily change from positive to negative and then he will lose interest in the girl. For example when it turns out that he doesn’t like her personality.

There are two very important conclusions that we can draw from this.

Firstly, if until now you thought that, for example as a woman you are chosen by a man, you probably feel a great need to be in a relationship and you also want to make your decision very quickly. And it is never good, because not only is it more likely to choose poorly, but by doing so, you will not pose much of a challenge to the person you want to choose, because they see that you have already chosen them and you easy prey for them.

The second conclusion is that even if at the beginning someone is not interested in you, it does not mean that you cannot change that. At the beginning, you are perceived primarily in terms of your appearance, but if only you have some time, you can show that you are attractive in other respects, for example by showing your communication skills, lifestyle and even self-confidence. By assuming that the initial choice is final, you shoot yourself in the foot, especially if your appearance does not belong to your greatest strengths. Of course, you should also keep in mind that you will not be attractive for all the people around and sometimes it is better to just let go.

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