Why did your relationship fall apart - 4 hypotheses
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Why did your relationship fall apart - 4 hypotheses

#1 You tried too much
You want to be in a relationship so badly and you need to be close to someone so badly, that you always show more interest than your partner. Thereby, you destroy the balance of feelings and that causes break up. How to deal with it? The most important thing is to understand that this person isn’t necessary for you to be happy. You can feel good also when you are alone. You don’t lack the other half, because you yourself are complete. When you stop forcing people to stay with you and when you are sure about your value, it will be much easier for you to build a strong relationship.

#2 You’re very possessive
You try to control your partner too much. You show jealousy too often and too strongly. You complain too much and you are often pouty. If this description applies to you, then you should know that it doesn’t matter what your partner does. If you are rightly jealous because your partner spends more time with another attractive person and moreover you get furious about it, then you brake the balance of feelings even harder and cause your partner become even more distant.
If your partner wants to meet you less often than you want to meet them and you complain about it, then you won’t make them want to meet you more often. You can force the other person to do what you like, but you cannot make them truly want it. Such attitude only builds resistance and destroys the balance of feelings. Therefore you should be aware that all these negative behaviors are big mistakes and you should avoid them.

#3 You were too different
It did not necessarily have to be your fault. If your life values, habits and lifestyles were different, then, in the end, at least one side could not withstand it. Unfortunately, not all people fit together, so if you see that there’s a lot of distance between you, breaking up might be the best option. Even if it’s not easy at first.

#4 Your friendship disappeared
You didn’t talk as much and as often as you used to do. You lived side by side, but not together. You stopped sharing your thoughts. There were more and more secrets between you. So called monotony in a relationship is means nothing else, but becoming distant.
Travelling together and doing new things together have such a positive influence on your relationship, because then you have time only for each other and that brings you closer again.

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