Will mentioning good moments work with your Ex?
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Will mentioning good moments work with your Ex?

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Hi, My name is Robert Marchel,
I’m a full-time consultant on male-female relationships, repairingrelationships and how to bring back your ex. Today I will talk about a topic you very often ask about: Can talking about the good times that you experienced together, such as a nice vacation spent together, or the most positive memories, help you to regain your ex-partner? Or does this not help?
If you care a lot about recovering your partner after parting, you may want to spend some time byyourself to remember the best moments you spent together. You may also have the impression that going back to these memories in a conversation with your ex will somehow awaken the same emotions in them. Is this really the case?

Actually, yes.  But, unfortunately, remembering good memories also has a dark side. On the one hand, recalling old memories from the time when it was best between you can create a very strong emotional impulse.  And, this could give you one more chance, or at least make the other person think more about you.
On the other hand, by mentioning the best moments, you show that you are always thinking about your Ex.  And if you have those moments in your head, you reveal that you probably still feel something for that person and that you want to return to the relationship.

So, as a result, you are showing them, even if subconsciously, that you are not a challenge. Perhaps the combination of mentioning what was good and showing interest is not so obvious at first glance; but, the subconscious of the other person is also vigilant, and this fact will probably not go unnoticed.

If this is the case, the question still remains: can the good moments of conversation be remembered at all? You can. You can perhaps inconspicuously or in subtle ways allow yourself to do so, and infect the other person with these images. 

But, in order to avoid the circumstance where you appear unchallenging and alone in this emotion, it is better to do this only if or when you already see some amount of mutual interest from the other person. If, despite the break, you find yourself again close and your contact has improved somewhat.

Such recollection of good memories can work very well--when you feel that your relationship is very close to being restored. This is also a great way to strengthen a relationship that has not yet disintegrated, but is experiencing a crisis.
However, you should definitely not seek to recall those good moments with your ex-partner when the other person is still quite distant, or even when you don’t know what attitude they have towards you - e.g. when this is your first meeting after parting.

This way, unfortunately, you could reveal yourself too quickly, show too much interest too early; and, instead of influencing your ex-partner’s emotions in the way that you want, you instead push them farther away.  It could cause an ‘alarm’ in their mind and trigger a reaction: Oh, but he/she thinks all the time. And, this can be a big step backwards in your relationship, because the feeling then is not mutual.
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